Cafeto specializes in micro roasting some of the highest quality USDA certified organically grown coffee.
In a continuing trend of supporting not only the environment but the farmers who grow their coffee beans;
Cafeto has certified all of their micro roasted coffee in accordance with the fair trade coffee act. You can
safely assume that Cafeto does all it can do to provide a top notch specialty coffee that supports the
farmers that grow their coffee beans and the coffee farms that produce them. Discover your favorite roast profile below:

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Guatemala: Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Mild Floral
         Medium Roast. Medium Body, Medium Acidity.

Italian Roast: Smokey and Earthy
         Dark Roast. Full Body, Low Acidity.
French Roast: Smokey and Spicy
         Dark Roast. Full Body, Low Acidity.

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