Central City Coffee was founded to give those less fortunate the ability to create work experience to
help turn their lives around. Coffee is a social commodity that can bridge the gap between everyone,
regardless of backgrounds. We’re proud to offer not only a fantastic coffee roaster, but a fantastic
social cause. Discover your favorite roast profile below:

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Velocity Blend: Chocolate, floral, and semi-sweet
         Medium Roast. Medium Body, Medium Acidity.
Rwanda Burmera: Clean, bright flavors, and tea like finish
         Medium Roast. Medium Body, Medium Acidity.

French Roast: Bold, smokey, and nutty
         Dark Roast. Full Body, Low Acidity.

Single Origin Offerings: Seasonal Variety of Coffee.
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Velocity BlendRwanda BurmeraFrench RoastSingle Origins

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