St. Johns Coffee Roasters was born on a simple idea: for the lifelong love of coffee. Aptly named for the
neighborhood it’s roasted in, St. Johns Coffee Roasters has made their mark in the coffee community by
small batch roasting amazing coffee. Discover your favorite roast profile:

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Misty Mountain Espresso: Honey and caramel
         Medium Roast. Medium Body, Low Acidity.

Guatemala Cafetal Magnolia: Chocolate, floral and sweet
         Medium Roast.  Medium Body,  Medium Acidity.

St. John’s Blend: Earthy, caramel, and semi-sweet chocolate

         Medium – Dark Roast. Medium Body, Low Acidity.

French Roast: Deep, Smoky and Spicy
         Dark Roast. Full Body, Low Acidity.
Single Origin Offerings: Seasonal Variety of Coffee.
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