Trailhead Coffee Roasters have been proudly serving the Portland community for over 7 years.  All of their coffees are harvested with care – organic, sustainable and well above fair trade prices.  A majority of their coffees come from woman-owner cooperatives throughout the coffee growing the coffee growing regions.  They use cargo bikes to transport their coffee to markets, cafes, and restaurants.  For clients outside of their delivery zone, they utilize a carbon neutral program to offset their carbon foot print.  Discover your favorite roast profile below:
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Guatemala Freeline Roast: Chocolate, hazelnut, and earthy

         Medium Roast Medium Body, Medium Acidity.

Sunbreak Morning Blend: Chocolate, cinnamon, and hazelnuts

         Medium – Dark Roast Full Body, Medium Acidity.

 French Roast Peru: Smokey, chocolate, and nut

         Dark Roast Full Body, Low Acidity.

Single Origin Offerings: Seasonal Variety of Coffee.
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