Water Avenue Coffee Company is relatively new to the coffee scene in Portland, but the wealth of
experience that the founders possess is unmatched. With over 40 combined years of experience in the
coffee industry; Bruce, Matt, and Brandon have stormed onto the coffee scene with exceptional coffee.
By sourcing only the finest green beans they have been able to produce a coffee portfolio that is award
winning. Discover your favorite roast profile below:

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House Blend: Navel Orange, Chocolate, dried fruit, and macadamia
         Medium Roast. Medium Body, Medium Acidity.
El Toro Blend: Dark chocolate, sweet peanut butter, bright cherry, and cedar
         Medium Roast. Full Body, Medium Acidity.
Indonesian: Molasses, sweet tobacco, blackberry and a citrus finish
         Medium Roast. Full Body, Medium Acidity.
Single Origin Offerings: Seasonal Variety of Coffee.

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