Dragonfly Chai is a local artisan chai tea company whose focus is to produce only the finest chai tea.  They accomplish this by sourcing the highest quality spices and black leaf teas to combine what can only be described as chai-licious.

Spicy Black Chai

Our original Chai is low in sugar and made with an extra dose of black pepper and ginger.  Brewed with organic black tea from the Assam region of India.

SweeTea Chai

A little less heat and a little more sweet.  A café favorite brewed with Assam black tea

Green Tea Chai

Rich in anti-oxidants and offering a gentle lift! Brewed with organic Chunmee Green Tea from the Jiangxi province of China.

Yerba Mate Chai

Our Mate Chai is a blend of green and roasted leaves of Yerba Mate, a South American holly valued for it energizing properties.  Traditional Chia spice with a kiss of molasses – soothes and satisfies.

Rooibos Chai – Naturally free of caffeine and laoded with anti-oxidants, rooibos gives a bold flavor with nutty overtones to this sweet and soothing brew.  Rooibos comes to us from the arid mountain of South Africa.