Portland Coffee Service & Employee Happiness


We’re a changing society.  Gone are the days when folks accept anything but great Portland coffee service.  A new generation is rising to the top.  A generation founded on high demands and instant gratification.  This generation is rising in the work place and their lifestyle is integrated with their work.  There is no separation between the two.

Employers are catching on quickly that a happy work force is a productive work force.  With this changing environment comes a changing attitude on what is accepted as perks and what is expected as needs.  As an employer you need to have a grand benefit package that goes beyond health insurance and paid time off.  As an employer you need to have comfortable work spaces and healthy work environments.  As an employer you need to consider the perks of the office as fuel for your work force.

Companies are competing for talent in the work environment and even the most minor offerings can tip the scale in their favor.  Take your Portland coffee service program as an example.  Consider 2 similar companies with similar offerings of pay, paid time off, and health benefits.   While touring these 2 offices, an up and coming employee named Todd examines the work environment of these two companies.  He notices that Company A invests in the overall happiness of their employees by providing excellent coffee, catered espresso programs, and draft beverages through their Portland coffee service.  Company B on the other hand provides a no-frills environment with generic coffee and generic offerings from their Portland coffee service considering that ‘good-enough’.   Who would Todd choose?

If you can appreciate the habits of a daily coffee drinker then you will understand that coffee provides much more than fuel for your day.  It provides a ritualistic structure to your day.  The aroma, the flavor, and the energy of coffee can shape an entire work day.

As the person in charge of deciding on what Portland coffee service you should use in your office, take into consideration the happiness of your employees.  You could become the hero of the office when you bring in a Portland coffee service that changes the culture of your company.  A great Portland coffee service program for your breakroom could be what pushes you from Company B to Company A.