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As one of the premier coffee roasters in the United States, we embody a relentless focus on quality, and quality doesn’t come easy. It’s the result of hard work, experience, and persistence. It’s found in the details. Whether it’s traveling to farms around the world, developing roast profiles, or logging hours behind the espresso machine, we’re dedicated to refining every area of our craft, so that quality comes through in every bag of beans, every drink, and every interaction with our staff.
— Coava Coffee Roasters

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SO Blend 

Tasting Notes: Rich/Chocolatey

The S.O. Blend is the result of significant effort and years of building long lasting relationships with coffee producers. These select offerings create a beautifully balanced, seasonally reflectvie coffee that brings together the best of our favorite coffee producing regions.

Medium Roast

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  • Ethiopia Single Origin
  • Kenya Single Origin
  • Columbia Single Origin

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