Welcome Coava Coffee!

Coava (pronounced ko-vuh) began in Matt Higgns’ garage in 2008.  With humble beginnings Coava has carved out a special niche in an already special coffee community.  Coava offers a range of single origin coffees that have been directly sourced and roasted to perfection!  You will find that their range of coffee is exquisite in taste and aroma.  All of their coffees would be considered lightly roasted are designed to appeal to an audience of refined taste.  Coava micro roasts all of their coffees to such precision that they practically have no waste.  If your office is in need of a coffee that is sure to please even the most staunch coffee enthusiasts, look no further than Coava’s amazing single origin coffees.  Office coffee service has a new quality in town and Portland is in for a treat!

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