cold brew & Kombucha On draft


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Stumptown cold brew

Stumptown Cold Brew isn't just a classic--it's a staple. We start with the highest quality coffee, cold brew it without heat for over 12 hours, then use a double filtration process to procure the end result: a complex, smooth and full-bodied brew with low-acid and a chocolate finish. Feelings of invincibility and euphoria are likely to follow.


brew dr. kombucha

We start with the same great-tasting organic tea blends we serve at our Townshend’s Teahouses. No juices or flavors are added after fermentation, making Brew Dr. a truly organic and 100% raw kombucha with the most naturally occurring probiotics possible.

All Flavors and Seasonal Flavors Available with Belmont Coffee Service


Steven Smith Teas on Tap

At Steven Smith Teamakers, they're always up to something great. Their latest creations are two cold draft beverages, so unique and refreshing, we can't recommend them enough. As always with Steven Smith Teas, you can expect the same attention to quality using the same premium leaves you find in their hot teas. 

Two Unique Flavors available: Strawberry Honeybush Sparkling Iced Tea and Nitro Masala Chai

Nossa Familia

Nossa Familia Iced Coffee

Each keg of our small-batch brewed iced coffee is handcrafted using a Japanese-style method of iced coffee. We brew it hot and flash chill the coffee to lock in its bright, refreshing and aromatic flavors. We keg the coffee immediately to preserve freshness.

portland roasting nitro cold brew

Portland Roasting Nitro Cold Brew

Made from a rich blend of coffees from Central America and Asia, this tasty cold brew has notes of sweet black cherry and chocolate; a full, creamy body and a clean finish.

"Since 1996, Portland Roasting Coffee has been sourcing directly and building sustainable relationships with coffee farmers and communities. Guided by a set of values that affects every decision they make with regard to customers, farmers, products and employees.

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kegerator rentals & service

Put anything you want on tap! Rent a kegerator, get regular servicing, and get those CO2 and Nitrogen tanks replaced. Just enjoy what's on tap and let us handle the rest.

Own a kegerator, but need routine service? Our draft specialist will provide monthly servicing and maintenance, change tanks, and more!


Belmont Coffee Service and Draft Beverages

We're always looking for ways to innovate the world of office coffee service. Years ago, we introduced office draft beverages to Portland offices. We've fine-tuned a system that brings an unmatched convenience to our offices. When we say, we'll take care of everything, we mean everything. All you need is an electrical outlet and a cozy place in the breakroom for your new Belmont kegerator.