Eco Friendly Coffee Services

  • Coffee Service Portland – Eco Friendly

    There is an abundance of wasted paper when using single serve packets, not to mention the mess it causes! Invest in some reusable containers and fill them up. The following items can be traded in for their bulk counterpart: Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Splenda, Sugar in the Raw, Stevia, Hot Chocolate, Spiced Cider, and Equal. Coffee Service in Portland is about minimizing are eco-footprint. Let a consultant of ours help you develop the best coffee service Portland.

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  • Compost Coffee Grounds

    Used coffee grounds are fantastic for composting and most major metropolitan cities have a composting program in place. Coffee Service in Portland is a perfect city to compost coffee grounds. Designate a special garbage can with a bio-degradable liner and dump all coffee grounds there!

  • Compostable Paper Products

    Sure we all love to drink coffee from a paper cup but we don’t need to fill up our landfill with them. Use compostable products for your coffee service Portland and dispose of them in the special garbage can you have set up for compost!

  • Use Ceramic Mugs

    Forget the paper products for your coffee service Portland all together and switch to the much more eco friendly coffee cup. A minimal investment in a favorite coffee mug will cut down on a ton of paper cups.

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  • Energy Efficient Coffee Machines

    There is a full line of coffee brewers designed to be energy efficient. Trade in that old 3 burner coffee service Portland that is sucking volts and get a café quality brewer that brews into stainless steel airpots. The coffee stays hot for hours without the unnecessary burning of its flavor!

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