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There are numerous ways to make your own iced coffee at home.  Some require very little equipment while others (as seen above) have intricate ways to brew up a glass of delicious and refreshing iced coffee.  Portland is known for having an abundance of local coffee roasters who are producing some of the finest coffees in the nation.  It’s easy to recognize drip coffee and espresso as the most popular ways to drink coffee.  Although iced coffee is not a new concept it has taken on some renewed interest in the coffee community from preparation to specialized equipment designed specifically for this brew method.

Japanese Iced Coffee

The is by far the easiest method to make iced coffee Portland.  The idea is to brew a strong cup of coffee over ice and your finished product will be a balanced iced coffee with the correct ratio of coffee to water.  This method eliminates the oxidation of coffee by cooling it rapidly over ice and preserving the integrity of the coffee aroma and flavor.

Here is a great step by step method including a video:

counter culture coffee


Toddy Coffee (Cold Brew)

Anyone who has tried Stumpown Cold Brew coffee has enjoyed what is known as Cold Brew or Toddy Coffee.  The idea is that coffee is brewed over a period of hours using cold water to extract the flavor from the bean and produce a balanced low acidity coffee.  After 12 hours of cold-steeping the coffee you are left with a uniquely brewed coffee that can be served over ice.  The popularity has grown immensely as of late and will continue to grow as the summer heat grows.

With a small investment in equipment you can produce your own Toddy Coffee as seen below:



Oji Style Cold Brew

This is probably the most unique iced coffee Portland.  It utilizes a slow drip method similar to the toddy but incorporates the ice from the Japanese iced coffee.  The entire brew method takes roughly 3 hours.  It has less acidity than the traditional Japanese Iced coffee and is a faster method than the Cold Brew Toddy method.  It has an artfully designed aesthetic appeal to it, however, has a bit of a high price tag.

See the Oji Style Cold Brew below:




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