Ristretto Roasters Coffee

Northeast Portland

Ristretto Roasters produces handcrafted coffees. We roast in small batches and specialize in a medium roast. We offer four blends – Beaumont, Cowboy, Tres Burros and sugar- process decaf – suitable for every brewing method.
— Ristretto Roasters

Ristretto Beaumont Blend

beaumont blend

Tasting Notes: Chocolate truffle, maraschino cherry, toasted coconut
Body: Full body, low acidity

Medium-Dark Roast

Trailhead French Roast

cowboy blend

Tasting Notes: Browned butter, Brazil nut, candied green apple
Body: Medium body, medium acidity

Medium Roast

Ristretto Tres Burros

tres burros

Tasting Notes: Lively citrus, chocolate, apricot, toasted almonds
Body: Full, round, luscious

Medium Roast

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