Welcome Ristretto Roasters!

Welcoming Ristretto Roasters to Belmont Coffee Service!

Ristretto Roasters has been one of our favorite coffee roasters here at Belmont Coffee Service for some time.  Ristretto Roasters produces handcrafted coffees roasted in small batches. All coffees are sourced by owner/roaster Din Johnson. They specialize in a medium roast, taking each coffee varietal to its peak of individual perfection.  They have long been a staple in the Portland coffee roasting community.

Ristretto can be found throughout our city.  Look for their retail locations in North Portland, North-East Portland, and NW Portland.

As a pioneer in the 3rd wave coffee movement, Ristretto is continuing a Portland tradition of sourcing impeccable green coffee beans at direct trade pricing.

Our roster of single-origin coffees is always changing, with the seasons, with what the farmers we work with are growing, with what our crew is loving now. Enjoyed the Guatemala Huehuetanengo you drank last month—with its aroma of crème brulee, and notes of cocoa, tamarind and spice—but don’t see it on offer today? Try the Guatemala Finca Bourbon: full-bodied and juicy, a mouthful of dark chocolate with a black-cherry finish. Or head to Sumatra, for the Lintong, with its scent of honey, and ripe strawberry, brown sugar and grape juice in the cup.”

Whether you’re looking for an amazing espresso blend, a delightful drip blend, or specialty single origin coffees Ristretto has something that will sure to delight everyone.

Check out their roast profiles below:

Beamont Blend: Bakers chocolate, clove, and dried cherry
         Medium Roast. Medium Body, Medium Acidity.
Cowboy Blend: Lemon custard, mescovado sugar, macadamia
         Medium Roast. Medium Body, Medium Acidity.
Single Origin Offerings: Seasonal Variety of Coffee. Contact us for their menu

If you’d like information on any of the above coffees and how you can serve Ristretto Coffee in your office please use the contact form below!

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