Welcome Roseline Coffee Roasters!

Welcoming Roseline Coffee Roasters to Belmont Coffee Service!

Roseline Coffee Roasters has joined our increasing portfolio of amazing local coffees!  Portland has an amazing coffee culture that seems to grow exponentially every year.  Every new coffee roaster brings another level of quality to the industry and Roseline Coffee Roasters is no exception.  Founder and head roaster for Roseline Coffee Roasters is Marty Lopes who has established himself as a leader in the coffee industry.  He has a long history in the coffee community working at every level from delivery driver to green bean buyer to coffee roaster extraordinaire .  Marty is passionate about the coffee he serves and expects every bag of roasted coffee to be of the highest quality.

Roseline Coffee Roasters is building on their reputation of providing only the best single origin coffee to the market.  Focusing primarily on African and Central  and South American coffees you are sure to find their coffee to be bright, floral, and utterly sweet.

You can find Roseline Coffee Roasters at your local Barista, local coffee shop, and local markets.

Currently at Belmont Coffee Service we are offering his blend and his seasonal rotation of single origin coffees.

Catapult Blend: Butterscotch and Strawberry Jam
         Light Roast. Medium-Full Body, High Acidity.

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