Welcome Sterling Coffee Roasters!

Welcoming Sterling Coffee Roasters to Belmont Coffee Service!

Sterling Coffee Roasters  is our latest edition to our ever growing coffee portfolio.  Nestled in Northwest Portland, Sterling Coffee Roasters has been establishing a name for themselves in the coffee community with their amazing coffee.  Adam, the co-founder and head roaster at Sterling, has developed a line of coffees that has been meticulously designed to please the palate of every coffee lover!  He has carved out a unique premise in which his coffees are selected and roasted to a strict acidity level.  He offers 3 different coffees to choose from- with each coffee having a distinct taste based upon the level of acidity of the bean.

Acidity, according to Sweet Maria’s, “is responsible for a number of characteristics in coffee including many of those fruit notes”.

Sterling Coffee Roasters offers a rotating African origin, a rotating Americas origin, and an espresso blend.

Each of their coffees are considered ‘medium roast’ but each coffee falls on a medium roast spectrum designed to display a specific acidic level.  Although the coffees rotate monthly, each of their 3 distinct coffees capture a similar acidic level as the previous coffee.  Thus the African origin acidic levels will be consistent and should provide a consistent taste, as should the Americas origin, and the espresso blend.

Adam has designed this program with the hopes of bridging the educational gap in the coffee community and showcasing what coffee can taste like.  Imagine yourself a dark roast coffee drinker who is open to exploring the world of micro roasted coffee.  Sterling Coffee Roasters would present their espresso blend as a way to ease your palate into specialty coffee.  While considered a medium roast, the Blendo Stupendo (espresso blend) presents a cocoa and caramel rich flavor with a hint of roast.  If you were to further dive down the rabbit hole, they would present to you their Americas origin which will exude a bit more acidity (with less roast) and present you with flavors of almond and gingerbread.  Further diving down that rabbit hole, they would present to you their African origin which will showcase an even brighter acidity (with no roast) and present you with flavors of orange creamcicles and butterscotch.

We couldn’t be more excited to offer Sterling Coffee Roasters to our clients!  Check out the following coffees below to discover your favorite!

Blendo Stupendo: Cocoa and Caramel
         Medium Roast. Medium-Full Body, Low-Medium Acidity.

Americas Regalito Guatemala: Almonds and Gingerbread
         Medium Roast. Medium Body,  Medium Acidity.

African Illubabor Ethiopia: Orange Creamsicles and Butterscotch
         Medium Roast. Light-Medium Body, Bright Acidity.

If you’d like information on any of the above coffees and how you can serve Sterling Coffee Roasters in your office please use the contact form below!

Sterling Coffee



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