Welcome Steven Smith Teamaker!

Welcoming Steven Smith Teamaker to Belmont Coffee Service!

We recently got the privilege to do a tea cupping at Steven Smith Teamaker and we couldn’t be more impressed with their product and their business.  Steven Smith is a true pioneer in the tea industry and the attention to detail that they put into their tea is simply unmatched.  Steven Smith has been the founder of some very impressive companies in his 40 plus years in the tea industry.  He has left a profound mark as founder of both Stash and Tazo.  His latest brand, Steven Smith Teamaker, is a culmination of the knowledge he has amassed from his previous endeavors which has produced his finest product yet.

We spent a good portion of our morning sampling Steven Smith Teamaker’s most popular tea sachets and were blown away with the quality and flavors presented to us!


(The above teas range from left-right their herbal, black, and green teas)

We started our tea tasting with Steven Smith Teamaker’s signature line of green teas:

Steven Smith Teamaker – Green Teas


While all of the teas were simply brilliant, the Jasmine Silver Tip stood out as profoundly elegant.  It held a beautiful Jasmine aroma without overpowering the delicate green tea flavor.

Next up we dove right into Steven Smith Teamaker’s signature line of black teas:

Steven Smith Teamaker – Black Teas


As a caffeine enthusiast I rather enjoyed the pleasant energy bump I received from sampling these black teas.  The Lord Bergamot was my personal favorite.  It is a superior take on the traditional Earl Grey flavor.  Where some Earl Grey’s are overpowering with oil, this tea balances it with a delicate scent of bergamot.  If you’re not a fan of Earl Grey yet, you will be after sampling this amazing tea!

We powered on right into Steven Smith Teamaker herbal teas:

Steven Smith Teamaker – Herbal Teas


While each of these teas were downright fantastic, the Meadow tea jumped out at me as the best Chamomile I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.  A soft and creamy chamomile that was both soothing and pleasant.

Thank you so much to Amy and Steven for allowing us into your amazing workshop to experience a truly phenomenal line of teas!

Steven Smith Teamaker is the best sachet tea found in Portland.  If you’re interested in getting their tea in the hands of your employees in your office, see our full line of Steven Smith Teamaker teas!

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