Nike Premium Coffee Program

We’re proud to be offering Stumptown Coffee Roasters to you fine folks at Nike! We are as passionate about coffee as you are and we’re excited that you’ve chosen to upgrade to a premium coffee selection and service. By selecting Stumptown Coffee Roasters as your coffee choice you are not only adding a fantastic coffee, but you will also receive a higher level of service.

WD+C and the WHQ Food Service Program has partnered with Belmont Coffee Service and Stumptown Roasters to supply an upgraded coffee program that supports Nike quality experience and is part of the WHQ food service strategy. This upgraded service allows for consistencies in the office break room beverage programs.
The process for approval of the upgraded coffee program is to have the standard Curtis brewer set up in a break room for all to use. The breakrooms are for all to use and we cannot separate the services by cost center or business. With that said, one of the policies in providing the ST blends is to be for all who have access in the area. We cannot create a break room or coffee area for just one team.The billing for the coffee is done through the individual business cost center and ST will direct bill the cost center through Tradeshift.The service is maintained by the individual business and communications for the Stumptown product is also maintained by the individual business. The food service program supports ST to be an option for individual businesses; however, it becomes the responsibility of the individual team to maintain the service.