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It’s the culmination for all of our passions for coffee and our expertise of being coffee professionals. It’s allowed us to really do something from our hearts. We want to be known as a unique and genuine micro-roaster that started in Portland, in the heart of the most competitive market, that people appreciate for the right reasons.
— Matt Miletto, WAC Co-Owner


Blue creek blend

Water Avenue's morning cup of choice: rich, full bodied, and wonderfully balanced. Farm direct coffees from our coffee-producing partners in Central and South America come together for a cup full of the flavors of hazelnut, milk chocolate, and a hint of navel orange. Ideal for brewing as drip or french press.

Medium Roast

water avenue canoe blend

canoe blend

The Canoe blend is rich and satisfying. It features coffees from South America, Central America, and the Pacific rim. Together they produce a cup with deep, dark chocolate notes, hints of toasted walnut, sweet pipe tobacco, and just a touch of smoke. A great blend for brewing as drip or french press.

Medium-Dark Roast

el toro espresso blend

El toro espresso blend

This is our flagship blend, featuring coffees from Latin America and Africa, dark chocolate and sweet peanut butter shine alongside caramel sweetness and an apple-like acidity. Blended and roasted to be balanced for exceptional espresso, drip, press and pour-over brewing.

Medium-Dark Roast


SEasonal rotating single origins

Contact us for the this season's roasts.


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