Welcome Caravan Coffee!

Welcoming Caravan Coffee to Belmont Coffee Service!

We have been working with Caravan Coffee for over a year now and couldn’t be happier with our blossoming relationship with the fine folks down in Newburg, OR. We are always looking to expand our portfolio of fine locally roasted coffees. Caravan Coffee fits perfect with our vision of phenomenal product that partners an exceptional business model.

At Caravan Coffee they not only strive to roast phenomenal coffee, but to also impact the communities that benefit from their product. Pete, the founder of Caravan Coffee, has been committed to community projects with the farmers of the coffee beans- projects that range from fresh water supply to a community band.

Having seen the impact of their efforts, Caravan Coffee has adopted a set of standards that they abide by when they purchase their coffee. Their standards benefit the communities that provide the coffee as well as the community that drinks it. Their sourcing include Fair Trade Coffee that ensures ethical trade practices with farmers, as well as organic coffee.

We are excited for the years to come with our partnership of Caravan Coffee and will continue to uphold their product with great respect and admiration.

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